Josie Loehrich

Josie earned her accreditation to teach tai chi from Grand Master Shou Yu Liang, Master Helen Liang, and Master Chenhan Yang in 2008 after years of dedication to studying martial arts. As a result of her hard work, perseverance and determination she was presented with the award for Tai Chi & Qigong Promotion by world-renowned Master Chen Sitan at the 2013 Extraordinary Martial Artists of the World Lunar New Year Gala. 

Josie began learning tai chi in 2002 as part of a rehabilitation program prescribed by her doctor after she sustained significant injuries in a motor vehicle accident. Through her training in tai chi and qigong she successfully eliminated her chronic pain, healed her physical injuries, and became strong physically, mentally and spiritually. Josie truly experienced the rejuvenation that the practice of tai chi and qigong awards. 

Josie developed her youthful mindset and commitment to training as an elite young swimmer, achieving Canadian, American and British records. She subsequently went on to win High School Athlete of the Year in multiple sports, share her experience as a Masters Swimming Coach and National Lifeguard, and participated in Triathlete competitions. These disciplines all contributed to her positive engagement with the tenets of tai chi and qigong that led her to become a martial artist, instructor and coach. 

Josie has trained in many martial arts styles: Wuji Xiao Yao, Yang, Sun, Wu and Chen Taijiquan, Liu He Bafa, Baguazhuang, Xing Yi, Dapeng Qigong, along with weapons training in taiji sword and fan. Josie continues to train in various forms and also dedicates much time to daily study and training in various forms of Chinese Health Qigong, Buddhist and Daoist Meditation.

Josie has rarely competed in martial arts, preferring to spend most of her time training and teaching. She was, however, selected to coach a large team to compete in the 2011 International Health Qigong Competition and lead them to a second place finish behind China. In 2017 Josie was named North Shore’s Tai Chi Ambassador.