SYL Wushu Taiji Qigong Institute

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Beginner Adult Wushu Class

Our Ongoing Beginner Adult Wushu Class is now available every Sat 4-6pm! Space is limited, please email us to inquire and book your first try out class. Our email address is

Wushu basics are the foundation for learning all the other external and internal styles offered in our school curriculum. It also sets good foundation for learning all kinds of martial arts. Wushu basics focus on different kinds of traditional and modern Wushu training for stances, footwork, kicks, hand techniques, body coordination and balance. A great number of traditional and modern Wushu bare hand and weapon routines are offered such as: a variety of Long Fists, southern style, Yan Qin Quan, Cha Quan, Hong Quan, Preying Mantis(Tang Lang Quan), Fan Zi Quan, Di Tang Quan, Tong Bei Quan, Chuo Jiao Quan, Eagle Style, Drunken Style, Snake Style, Monkey Style, Broadsword, Sword, Spear, Staff, Three Section Staff, Nine Section Whip, Rope Dart, Dagger, Double Broadsword and sword, Long Tassel Sword, Big Saber and many other routines from E Mei and Shao Lin.

Wushu Foundation for Children and Youth

“The loftiest towers are built up from the ground”. Whether you are a newbie, beginner, intermediate or an advanced level Wushu practitioner, your journey starts with the building of foundational skills. In this In-Person Wushu course, students will be training in our brand new gym in Richmond. They will learn all the Wushu basics including, stretching, stances, punching, kicking, jumping, wushu combinations, and routines.

Fall Term 2022: Sept 8th - Dec 15th, Mon and Thur, 4:30-6:00pm

Location: SYL Main Training Hall. 11611 No 5 Road, Unit 140, Richmond.

Space is limited, please email to to inquire and book.