Online Chen Style Taiji Old Frame No 1 – Continued

Online Chen Style Taiji Old Frame No 1 – Continued

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Online (Zoom Meeting)
Number of sessions: 36
Every Tuesday. Starts August 25
6 PM – 7 PM (PDT), GMT-7
Instructors: Chenhan Yang


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Chen Style Old frame no 1 routine is also called Lao Jia Yi Lu Long Fist. It is a key conditioning and training form within the Chen Style Taijiquan system and is also the parent form of the Chen Taijiquan style. The form contains many slow, continuous movements that utilize the concept of “silk reeling” in Chen Taijiquan. Lao Jia Yi Lu also contains Fa Jing, which is the explosive release of refined strength. The main characteristic of the routine is that it appears soft and pliable, but within that, there is strength (以柔為主,柔中有剛). The movements of Lao Jai Yi Lu tend to be larger, more expansive and less complex than the other Chen forms and therefore, this form is usually studied first.

We are currently into the 5th month of learning this form. We will continue learning from section 2 at about the 19th movement (74 movements in total). We estimate to complete the form in 8 months. We will extend it month by month if the progress is slower than expected. Students who are not in the previous class but have done the form before are welcome to join us. We will review the form from the 1st movement every class, but we won’t be going into detail for the movements we learned in the last 4 months. If you wish to learn from the beginning, there will be a new class starting soon. Please check back with us regularly.

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