Online Beginner Wu Style Taichi – 45 Form

Online Beginner Wu Style Taichi – 45 Form

From: CAD $100.00 / month for 8 months

Platform: Zoom

Date: January 10, 2023 to Sept 12, 2023

Day and Time: Tuesday, 6-7pm(PST) GMT -8

Number of Sessions: 36 sessions


  • A minimum of 15 registrants are required to start the class. Class may be postponed or cancelled if the requirement is not met. Registrants will be fully refunded if the class is cancelled. All students are expected to have their camera turned on.

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The founder of Wu Style Taichi grandmaster Wu Quan You learned his Taichi from Yang Style founder Grandmaster Yang Lu Chan and his son Grandmaster Yang Ban Ho and and later became its own unique style and is found his own style, Wu Style Taichi. The frames in Wu Style Taichi  are relatively smaller. Movements are more compact yet non constraining, and are relaxed, natural, and smooth. The form appears soft, gentle, serene and harmonious.

For the foot work and stances, Wu Style Taichi is known for its parallel footwork (川字步型) and Uprightness in obliqueness (斜中寓正). When making a bow stance, the toes of two feet are required to face forward as much as you can to form two parallel line, the rear foot can point outward maximum 15 degree. And body would lean forward so the neck and rear foot would form a diagonal line and the nose, front knee and front toes would form another vertical line. 

In the area of ​​martial arts, the emphasis is on the principle of being soft, gentle and still, waiting for the move. We call it 以柔克剛 (softness conquers hardness); 以靜制動(stillness constrains motion)which is in line with Taiji’s Yin Yang theory.

Instructor Introduction

Master Chenhan Yang is the official disciple of the world renowned Grandmaster Shouyu Liang and the lineage holder of the Shushan Wuji Xiao Yao Pai(蜀山無極逍遥派). Master Yang is the Vice Chairman of the International Wushu Sanshou Dao Association (IWSD) and holds a 8th degree Master Level Black Belt with IWSD, 8th degree level of The World Organization of Wushu Kung Fu Masters. He currently is the president of the SYL Wushu Taiji Qigong Institute in Vancouver Canada, one of the most renowned Chinese Martial Arts School in North America since 1987 and was originally founded by Grandmaster Shouyu Liang. Master Yang has won numerous gold medals in international competitions and grand championship at the World Cup International Martial Arts Championship. He has also served as Wushu and Taiji head judges in many international championships.

Master Chenhan Yang has produced numerous DVDs in Taichi, Bagua, Xingyi etc. He was featured in the book Chinese Martial Arts Elites, Kungfu Elements, Contemporary Famous Chinese Martial Artists and Extraordinary Chinese Martial Artists of the World. He was also featured in many TV programs like CCTV, Fairchild Television and Channel M in Canada.

Here is the list of the published DVDs

  1. Chen Tai Chi for Beginner: Demonstration 56 Form
  2. Bagua for Beginner 1: Eight Palms
  3. Bagua for Beginners 2: Swimming Body
  4. Chen Tai Chi First Form (74-Posture Yi Lu)
  5. Chen Tai Chi: Cannon Fist (43 Posture Er Lu)
  6. Xing Yi 5 Elements Fist
  7. Xing Yi Twelve Animals Fist
  8. Selection of Traditional Xing Yi Fist Forms
  9. Chen Style Old Frame Routine No. 1 (demonstration style)
  10. Sun Style Tai Chi 
  11. Wu Style Tai Chi 

Frequently Asked Questions about SYL Online Classes

• Q: What platform does SYL online classes use?

   A: Zoom meeting. Zoom is very easy to use and it supports IOS, Androids, Windows and Macs. You will need to download Zoom meeting apps prior to the start of the class.

• Q: Do I need a big space for online classes?

   A: You don’t need a big space to learn. You will probably need to adjust position here and there to accommodate the sequence of movements.

• Q: Will online classes be recorded?

   A: This class will be recorded and students will have 7 days to access the recording for review. It’s great for students who miss classes, they can always use the recording to help them catch up.

  • Q: Is this class only available for local students?

    A: It is open to students worldwide. In fact the beauty of online classes is that we are able to meet with students and friends from all parts of the world. Normally it is only available once or twice a year when we hold workshops for students outside Vancouver, online classes now bring us closer on a regular basis. Please be reminded to check your time difference for the class. We always try our best to schedule our class at a time that we are able to accommodate more students from around the world.

• Q: What are the benefits of online classes?

   A: While we all miss physical classes and waiting for them to be resumed, online classes, however, have their benefits for times like this. Doing online classes would surely save commune time for many people. Most classes are recorded which will be a great help for students’ review. It’s a way to discipline yourself and keep up with your training especially during a time where physical activities are much more limited than before.

• Q: Do I need to have my camera on during the class?

   A: Students are strongly recommended to turn on their camera so instructors have better idea about the progress of the class and also to better give feedback.

• Q: How do I register online classes?

   A: Class registeration procedure is straight forward. Just go to

,choose class you’d like to enrol, and click register. Payment will be collected during the registration.


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