Megan Chan

Megan began her Wushu training at age 5 and started practicing Taiji at 12. Since then, she has been an avid competitor and practitioner. Megan competed nationally in 2015, receiving a silver medal in broadsword. In 2018, she competed nationally for Taiji receiving 2 silver medals and 1 gold and becoming a member of the Canadian National Taiji team. At the 3rd International Taiji Championships, she received a bronze medal in Chen Style Taiji, 4th place in Chen Style Taiji Sword and 5th place in Yang Style Taiji.

Other achievements include 2015 SIMAC excellence award, the 38th Can-am Taiji All-Around Grandchampion, the 2019th Taiji Grand Champion at the Seattle International Martial Arts Championship and multiple medals at the Can-am International Martial Arts Championships.